1박 2일 /1 Night 2 Days Season3: I Know What You Did Last Summer Part 2

joonyoung’s moments

sushi game of chance: 1 of 2 sushi is stuffed with wasabi, joonyoung got it but casually gulped it down.

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have some handsome joonyoung on your dash.  (°◡°♡)

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[TRANS] 2014 Jung Joonyoung - LOVE! Kpop Magazine (Jpn. Magazine Interview)


ALL TRANS CREDIT: Thanks to @jjyluna (twitter) | Take out with credit.

"i’m happy that i have a job every Thursday. (laugh)
i’ve not been used to handle MC work, but it’s a good stimulus for me to meet many artists, and i enjoy it.
i spend extra time i practice the script, or…

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pianist jung joonyoung chopping playing the piano. (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

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Joonyoung dancing :)

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"I have to lie on something i really like to do. while doing it, it’s somehow become such a struggle" - jungjoonyoung

"Sense of an Ending is a song that reach public general  but this time with Teenager, I think it’s something joonyoung hyung would enjoy" - yooseungwoo

the struggle between doing rock music and doing music to suit public’s taste. really glad he self-produced his second album :)

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